Tous les lundis, 20h : SpokenWord Paris
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SpokenWord Paris is down to earth, it has no pretensions – its head is too crammed with shooting stars.

It moves to a beatnik rhythm – everyone is free to express themselves. Chacun a son mot à dire.

SpokenWord Paris speaks all tongues from English & French to Japanese & Swahili.

SpokenWord Paris does 6 impossible things before breakfast and lives on a feast of dreams.

SpokenWord Paris has a foot in all the great cities of the world. And at least one in London, New York and Glasgow and 2 in Paris.

It’s performance poetry, story-telling, stand-up, monologue, a song or something else. An original text or a classic read well.
C’est lire vivant. It’s cabaret. It’s acoustic songs. Stand up comedy. 5 minute plays…

It’s a space to do anything with words or performance.

There’s only one rule – make the words come alive.

Sign up on the night from 8pm

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